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Basic Hawaiian

Basic Hawaiian 2.0 is a fun, online Hawaiian language and culture program preparing learners of all ages for basic conversations in Hawaiian. 

Basic Hawaiian 2.0 will officially launch in Fall 2018.

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Education with Aloha


Have fun learning Hawaiian language, culture, ancient stories etc. ONLINE with your ʻohana in the comfort of your home

Learning N Laughing  with Aunty Ku WHITE

Transitioning ʻŌpio to Kanaka Makua

Innovative, affordable, culturally-based Education with Aloha (EA) for Native Hawaiian youth, ages 15 to 25 who want to practice aloha ʻāina, develop solid foundations in Hawaiian language, culture and traditions, acquire essential life skills, and become prepared for a career of their choice.

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Indigenous Research Institute

The Kū-A-Kanaka Indigenous Research Institute is an independent native Hawaiian research institution, grounded in Hawaiian values and guided by a Hawaiian research methodology called Māʻawe Pono.  The Kū-A-Kanaka Indigenous Research Institute collaborates with Indigenous communities worldwide to initiate positive changes that empower Natives, protect natural resources and perpetuate Native languages, cultures and traditions.  

Social Media Consulting

Kū-A-Kanaka works with businesses and organizations to build their online presence.  We help by creating a tailored marketing plan combining different social media outlets, creating one-of-a-kind content and teaching how to manage your posts.


KŪ-A-KANAKA offers custom-tailored consulting services that meet your individual needs and help you and your staff reach their highest potential.  

A partial list of services offered include:


  • Consulting engagements dedicated to institutionalizing Pedagogy of Aloha into your school or educational program.

  • Culture change initiatives, grounded in Hawaiian culture, and dedicated to building a values-oriented, Hawaiian-focused company culture.

  • Collateral creation: Creating Hawaiian-focused educational frameworks, guidelines, key principles.

  • Training, training programs, and "train-the trainer"services

  • Video-based training and webinars

  • Keynote speaking, seminars, workshops, and training on multiple subject areas. 


Training thatʻs more than just another workshop.

A training session with Dr. Kū Kahakalau is both practical and inspiring; itʻs an event that builds practical skills and knowledge as well as true participant engagement.  Attendees learn specific skills, techniques and processes, but are also engaged in new, inspired ways to think about teaching and learning.


The Most Populat Training Formats

The most popular ways to have Dr. Kū Kahakalau train your cmpany include:

  • Extended half-day workshops (2 - 3.5 hours)

  • Fully-day workshops (5 - 6 hours with breaks)

  • “Keynote Speaker” format (45 - 75 minutes onstage

  • Webinars (distance learning) Custom-designed intensive and extensive training and consulting are also available.


DR. KŪ KAHAKALAU is a passionate keynote speaker, consultant, thought leader, and visionary in the fields of Indigenous Education, Indigenous Research, Education Innovation, and Values-based Leadership.

Dr. Kahakalau offers keynote speeches, workshops, webinars, and training on the following topics, customized to your specific audience, business situation, and challenges.


Dr. Kahakalau travels throughout Hawaiʻi and the U.S. and has lectured on all continents, except for Antartica.


Her areas of focus are as follows: 

Indigenous Education • Indigenous Research • Pedagogy of Aloha • Relevant Curriculum Design • Authentic Assessment • Place-based and Project-based Learning • Native Leadership • Traditional Social Emotional Learning • Traditional Problem Solving • Traditional Land Stewardship • Sustainable Living • Green Building Technology • Green Jobs • Food Sovereignty and more


At Kū-A-Kanaka we offer Web Services that combines traditional knowledge, Hawaiian look and design with the latest in technology to assist Hawaiian and local businesses and organizations to create an online presence that reflects their cultural values and is congruent with Hawaiian world views.

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Basic Hawaiian

Basic Hawaiian is an innovative online, anytime - anywhere Hawaiian language, culture and values program.  Learn how to converse in Hawaiian while having fun.  

Basic Hawaiian will officially launch in fall 2018.

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If you local you get chance
Cards for 808 is an adult party game for all who love local humor, and laughing together with family and friends. This game will definitely make you laugh! Cards for 808 is for all who know how to live and let live, and laugh while doing it.



We offer a wide array of webinars that teach Hawaiian protocol, Hawaiian language, cooking, indigenous education and more.  

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Culturally-grounded Consulting for Private and Public Sector

Kū-A-Kanaka experts provide high impact consulting services to diverse Hawaiian groups and organizations interested in meeting their vision, mission and goals. 


Here are some of the organizations weʻve worked with


From single-day presentations to ongoing training, participants find our Hawaiian-focused, culturally-driven professional development sessions relevant and interesting, and out training tools to be some of the most useful materials available anywhere.  


ʻŌlelo ʻOhana

ʻŌlelo ʻOhana phrase cards are currently out of print. 


However, an ʻŌlelo ʻOhana App, featuring digital flash cards with themed Hawaiian phrases, which can be accessed anytime, anywhere, is currently under development and scheduled to launch later this year. Ranging from telling others what to do, or not to do, to how to encourage each other, ʻŌlelo ʻOhana phrase cards are designed especially for use by Hawaiian families who want to transition to basic Hawaiian language speakers.      



Keynotes, Lectures and Workshops

Kū-A-Kanaka staff offer a wide range of keynotes, lectures, workshops and other trainings, expertly customized to fit your educational and organizational needs.




Indulge your love of Hawaiian language and culture, cooking and eating, by taking a Kanaka Kitchen Hawaiian language cooking class, in community kitchens throughout Hawaiʻi.  This is a perfect experience, to individuals, families, friends and co-workers who want to learn how to become Hawaiian language speakers and enjoy learning hands-on. 

Kanaka Kitchen
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ulu wedges
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sesame corn
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Meal 1
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italian lawalu
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meal 2
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Kūkulu Kumuhana


Looking for an authentic Hawaiian experience for yourself, your organization, or your ʻohana?


Our Kūkulu Kumuhana Hawaiian Language and Culture Camps have immersed thousands of individuals, in a Hawaiian way of life. 


Contact us to request authentic, hands-on, culturally-based experiences in the environment, based on your preferences and needs.    


Perfect for Hawaiian families, businesses, groups and organizations, Hawaiian-focused schools and educational programs.


 Ma ka hana ka ʻike.  By doing one learns.


Hawaiian Language and


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Share the amazing things customers are saying about your business. Double click, or click Edit Text to make it yours.

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Share the amazing things customers are saying about your business. Double click, or click Edit Text to make it yours.

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