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EA E-learning


Aloha and welcome to EA E-Learning, a fun, interactive, online way of learning for the entire ʻohana.  All of our EA E-Learning courses are culture-based and designed, field-tested and taught by Hawaiian practitioners and education experts in an atmosphere of aloha. 


EA E-Learning courses help Native Hawaiians to kū a kanaka – stand like a Hawaiian or live like a Hawaiian, by increasing your ʻike Hawaiʻi and reconnecting you to the values, traditions and practices of our kūpuna.  


You will find our courses to be an enriching experience on a personal, cultural and professional level.  Most of all, you will not only LEARN, but also have LOTS OF FUN!




Join us in 2022 for multiple exciting, highly interactive webinars and courses designed for learners of all ages.  These family-oriented, culture-based courses allow you to learn, in the comfort and safety of your home, using the latest – yet easy to use - educational technology.  This includes websites with videos, slideshows, online games and exercises, printable activity sheets and more.  Sign up below to get our latest updates.



In this rapidly evolving digital age, providing staff with continued training and upskilling opportunities is essential. For 2022, KŪ-A-KANAKA is offering customized education opportunities, for your employees, so that you can assure that your organization functions at the highest level and remains at the forefront in your field.  In addition, your employees will appreciate the investment in their personal growth, which reduces turn-over and has shown to attract top-tier talent.

As seasoned educators, trainers and researchers with over three decades of experience in the education industry, we know that there are no one-size-fits-all training programs, which is why KŪ-A-KANAKA designs and delivers custom synchronous or asynchronous learning opportunities that fit your vision and mission and the needs of your business and employees.   

Contact us at to set up a ZOOM where we can answer all of your questions.

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.

What people Say

Here are a few manaʻo of previous EA E-Learning participants regarding our courses and our kumu.

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“This class fueled our desire to continue to learn and speak Hawaiian in a fun and creative way! In fact, because of this class, we went from rarely speaking Hawaiian to speaking it daily.”

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“My favorite aspect of this class was cooking together online, and watching other ʻohana prepare their meals.”

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“Our ʻohana loved the environment the kumu created in each of the different papa. Their aloha was very evident in their teaching style.”

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