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Aloha mai, 

Kapapa Loʻi o Kealiʻikuaʻāina is currently not hosting groups.  As of February 2022, the County of Hawaiʻi has closed the Waipiʻo Valley Road due to safety concerns.  Please feel free to contact us for other ways we can collaborate.  We offer many Hawaiian language and culture-based services throughout Hawaiʻi Island.


E kipa mai

Interested in learning hands-on about cultivating kalo? Then schedule a visit to kapapa Loʻi o Kealiʻikuaʻāina, our 5 acre taro patch complex and outdoor learning laboratory located in the ʻili ʻāina of Kūnaka, in historic Waipiʻo Valley on the Hāmākua Coast of Hawaiʻi Island

We have over 30 years of experience hosting public and private school, as well as college students in the Valley of the Kings, conducting family-oriented Hawaiian language and culture immersion camps and providing hands-on, culture-based professional development to teachers, administrators and for- and non-profit staff.


E hele awawa!


Interested in visiting Kapapa Loʻi o Kealiʻikuaʻāina? 

Mahalo for your interest in ʻaina-based, culture-based education!