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Hoʻolaulima Workdays

Hoʻolaulima Workdays are held on one Saturday per month at Kapapa Loʻi o Kealiʻikuaʻaina in the wahi pana of Waipiʻo Valley on Hawaiʻi Island.  These hands-on, culture-based, highly educational experiences immerse volunteer groups of no more than 25 people in six-hour Hawaiian language, culture and mālama ʻāina events at our ancient five-acre taro patch complex in historic Waipiʻo Valley.  Hoʻolaulima volunteers directly contribute to the regeneration of Waipiʻo's unique wetland environment and revitalize this once highly productive area. Hoʻolaulima literally means to cause cooperation. In our case, hoʻolaulima refers to our efforts to get many hands working together to manage, preserve, regenerate and revitalize Kapapa Loʻi o Kealiʻikuaʻāina and create a vibrant, self-sustaining, intergenerational loʻi and māla outdoor learning laboratory.


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E kipa mai

We are ready to host you

Interested in learning hands-on about cultivating kalo? Then schedule a visit to Kapapa Loʻi o Kealiʻikuaʻāina, our 5 acre taro patch complex and outdoor learning laboratory located in the ʻili ʻāina of Kūnaka, in historic Waipiʻo Valley on the Hāmākua Coast of Hawaiʻi Island

We have over 30 years of experience providing hands-on, cultural immersion experiences to public, private school, and college students, conducting family-oriented Hawaiian language and culture immersion camps and providing hands-on, culture-based professional development to teachers, administrators and for- and non-profit staff.


E hele awawa!


Interested in visiting Kapapa Loʻi o Kealiʻikuaʻāina? 

Mahalo for your interest in ʻaina-based, culture-based education!

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