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What is a Kanaka Culinary Arts Diploma?

Kanaka Culinary Arts is a 2-year culture-based micro-credentialing program preparing young Hawaiians, ages 15-30, for careers in Hawaiʻiʻs food industry, with a special emphasis on using traditional Hawaiian ingredients, as well as other locally-sourced foods.

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Kanaka Culinary Arts
Diploma Requirements

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Complete Fun, Asynchronous Courses

Participate in Internships

Engage in Mentorship

Volunteer for Community Service

Help with Kanaka Kitchens

Execute Hoʻike


Highly interactive, asynchronous courses allow you to learn anytime it is convenient for you and from anywhere with WIFI.

Four (4) fully paid 3-day weekend internships allow you to learn hands-on from Hawaiian chefs, as you prepare delicious, healthy food for Hawaiʻi  communities.

Ongoing interaction with a Kanaka mentor, with experience in cooking with Hawaiian foods, provides you with personal, cultural and professional support.

Volunteering in programs, organizations and/or businesses in your community that focus on increased use of Hawaiian foods by Hawaiians, allows you to expand your knowledge of cooking with Hawaiian or Hawaiʻi ingredients.

Observing and assisting EA Ecoversity staff to plan, implement and evaluate our bi-lingual, online and in-person Kanaka Kitchens  teaches you how to use Hawaiian ingredients and cooking methods while increasing your knowledge of Hawaiian language and culture.

Performance-based Assessment at the end of the course allows you to demonstrate your cooking skills and use of Hawaiian ingredients by completing a virtual, as well as an in-person Kanaka Kitchen, teaching others how to prepare Hawaiian food, using as much Hawaiian language as possible.

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HĀNAI ʻAI – Hawaiian Food Preparation Series

Four (4) 8-lesson tuition-free, culture-based, asynchronous online EA E-Learning courses provide ʻIʻimi (learners) with Hawaiian culinary foundations.  Each lesson requires an average of 6-hours.

  • Kanaka Culinary Foundations - Semester 1 

  • Hawaiian Cuisine Past and Present - Semester 2 

  • Basic Cooking Skills – Semester 3 

  • Locally Sourced Food Creations - Semester 4


EA E-Learning Team


Kahakalau Ph.D.

EA E-learning Team


Nāʻaiakalani Colburn

EA E-learning Team

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EA E-learning Team




EA E-learning Team

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For more information about the Kanaka Culinary Arts Diploma please reach out to:

Nāʻaiakalani Colburn

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