Culturally-grounded Consulting for Private and Public Sector

Kū-A-Kanaka experts provide high impact consulting services to diverse groups and organizations focusing on:

  • Hawaiian Language and Culture

  • Hawaiian-focused Education and Research

  • Website and Multimedia Design

Here are some organizations we have worked with over the years:


At Kū-A-Kanaka we offer Web Design Services that combine traditional knowledge, Hawaiian look and design with the latest in technology to assist Hawaiian and local businesses and organizations to create an online presence that reflects their cultural values and is congruent with Hawaiian world views.



Keynotes, Lectures and Workshops

Kū-A-Kanaka offers a wide range of keynotes, lectures, workshops and other trainings, expertly customized to fit your educational and organization needs.  Delivered by international lecturer, thought leader, and visionary Dr. Kū Kahakalau topics include: 

Indigenous Education, Indigenous Research, Pedagogy of Aloha, Relevant Curriculum Design, Authentic Assessment, Place-based and Project-based Learning, Hawaiian/Indigenous Language and Culture Revitalization, Native Language Proficiency Assessment, Native Leadership, Traditional Land Stewardship, Sustainable Living, Green Building Technology, Green Jobs, Food Sovereignty and more.


From single-day presentations to ongoing training, participants find our culturally-driven professional development sessions relevant and interesting, and our training tools to be some of the most useful materials available anywhere.  


Indigenous Research

The Kū-A-Kanaka Indigenous Research Institute is an independent native Hawaiian research institution grounded in a Hawaiian research methodology called Māʻawe Pono, developed by Kū-A-Kanaka Founder and CEO Kū Kahakalau, the first person in the world to earn a Ph.D. in Indigenous Education.  Māʻawe Pono translates to "walking the trail of honor and responsibility" and is designed to assist Indigenous communities world-wide to utilize Indigenous research to bring about positive changes that empower Natives, protect our natural resources and perpetuate Native language, culture and traditions.

We want to be a part of the solution, and find answers to the issues facing Native communities in Hawaiʻi and beyond, as we work together with like-minded individuals, groups and organizations, until we are to once again in charge of our own destiny!





Kū-A-Kanaka provides translations from Hawaiian to English and English to Hawaiian to individuals, groups, companies and organizations.


Kū-A-Kanaka provides Music Publishing services, which include registering copyrights, filing necessary information to mechanical and performing rights organizations, negotiating licenses, and most of all ensuring that songwriters and composers receive payment when their compositions are used commercially. 



Kū Kahakalau, Ph.D.

Types of Services


Workshops & Lectures

Culturally-Grounded Educational Consulting

Culturally-Driven Professional Development

Hawaiʻi-Centered Curriculum Development

Culturally-Driven Program Evaluation

Indigenous Research, Training and Consultation 

Hawaiian Business Design Training and Consultation

Hawaiian Leadership Training and Consultation

Hawaiian Language Consulting and Training

Written Translations (Hawaiian/English, English/Hawaiian)

Hawaiian Group Facilitation

Subject Matter Expert Consulting

ALL SERVICES are provided with aloha, IN-PERSON and ONLINE.

















*Plus Expenses

For more information contact us at (808) 464-5005 or to discuss how we can meet your unique needs and help you reach your highest potential.