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Aloha mai. 

In this lesson you will learn how to make laulau in Hawaiian.  If at all possible, for the actual cooking experience, which is Lesson # 6, you should have 2 ti-leaves for how ever many laulau you are planning to make, as well as 3 medium lūʻau leaves (or 4 small, or 2 large) for each laulau you are making.  If you canʻt get ti-leaves you may also you pieces of banana leaves or if you have to tin-foil.  If you canʻt get lūʻau leaves you can also use collard greens, of even cabbage leaves - but of course it wonʻt taste the same. :)

As far as "meat" is concerned you may use pork, beef, chicken, turkey tail, or a combination of those, but you can also use sweet potato, onions or cooked ʻulu or taro instead of meat.  


(English to Hawaiian)


(Hawaiian to English)

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