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ʻipuka EA


Open Source Online Indigenous Learning Exploration Platform (ILXP)
Culture-based, Supra-Disciplinary
Online Learning, 
Grounded in Native Brilliance

ʻipuka EA


Indigenous Learning Exploration Platform (ILXP) providing nonlinear, culture-based, highly adaptive, personalized learning experiences

for learners of all ages.  


Learners direct their own journey, at their own pace, anytime, anywhere, as they engage in empowering supra-disciplinary,

online experiential learning.

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Need For Indigenous Learning Exploration Platform (ILXP)

Due To Limitations Of Existing Learning Management Systems (LMS)




Exploring Emergent Technologies

As an Indigenous Learning Exploration Platform, ʻĪpuka is at once ancient and modern, exploring emergent technologies for a sustainable, peaceful planet.  This includes:

  • Virtual worlds and 360-degree videos/images enable learners to explore diverse virtual places of learning (from the mountains to the sea) in a fun, visual, highly interactive way, based on cultural propensities and personal preferences, as they earn supra- disciplinary micro-credentials.

  • Simulations immerse learners in traditional and contemporary 21st century content using digital representations of cultural-based activities. 

  • Peer to Peer Communication builds amicable and supportive relations between Indigenous learners and encourages group study, collaborative research and resource sharing.

  • Avatars or animated representations of learning guides narrate and help learners as they work through site and connect with the program, the places/courses to be explored, the diverse learning activities, their communities and other learners.

  • Education Gamification including Branching, Interactive Videos, Interactive Slides, Dialog and Flash Cards, Word Searches, Drag & Drop, Quizzes, Hotspots, Fill in the Blanks, Word Sort, Timers etc.

collaborators & Supporters

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we are looking for:


LMS Designers & Programmers, Game Developers, Digital Graphic Designers & IT Specialists to join our ILXP Design Team and/or our ʻĪPUKA EA Roundtable.


Philanthropists, grantors, benefactors, pro-bono individuals and organizations  interested in supporting Indigenous choices in online education.



Funding to hire ILXP Development Team to code ʻĪpuka EA and sustain ʻĪpuka EA Roundtable to advance R&D of ILXPs in Indigenous communities worldwide.


Support the
Creation of ʻĪpuka EA

For a limited time, all tax deductible donations to ʻĪpuka EA will be matched by CNHA, so please donate NOW.

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