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Ready to increase your Hawaiian language proficiency and deepen your understanding of the great and numerous knowledge of our kūpuna? 
Each EA E-Learning course has six lessons, which required about 4 hours per lesson. 
Register anytime for any of our bi-lingual courses below and access them throughout 2023.  In other words, you determine your pace, based on how much time you have

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In this course we explore the Hawaiian values of aloha and mahalo and how to apply them in your life.



In this hands-on course you will prepare a variety of delicious, healthy dishes using kalo, our primary Hawaiian staple.

hoʻomākaukau Kalo 

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Papa & Wākea

This course focuses on the moʻolelo kahiko of Papa and Wākea and our relation and kuleana as Hawaiians to this genealogy.

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This course introduces you to Hawaiian pronouns and provides lots of fun games and activities that will help to get you comfortable using Hawaiian Paniinoa.

6 Lessons
per course

4 hours of learning
per lesson

Accessible anytime, anywhere with Internet

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Hoʻomākaukau ʻAi.png
Hoʻomākaukau ʻAi.png


Hoʻomākaukau ʻAi Kalo participants LOVED their cooking experience.


Rated our instructors as EXCEEDING their expectations.


Said their knowledge of Hawaiian Language 

This is what our pilot testers had to say about EA E-Learning


EA E-learning offers interactive, fun, flexible, culture-based online learning and professional development increasing Hawaiian language and cultural competencies to successfully serve Hawaiians.  Customized design by award-winning educator Dr. Kū Kahakalau and her team to meet the needs of your students, clients and/or staff.  Contact us today to see how we can work together.

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