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EA E-learning


Aloha and welcome to EA E-Learning, Kū-A-Kanakaʻs newest program. Designed, field-tested and taught by Hawaiian practitioners and culture-based education experts, EA E-Learning courses are designed to help Native Hawaiians to kū a kanaka – stand like a Hawaiian or live like a Hawaiian, by increasing their ʻike Hawaiʻi.

SPACE IS LIMITED, so register today for our exciting, highly interactive courses designed for the entire ʻohana to learn together in the comfort and safety of your home, using the latest – yet easy to use - educational technology.  This includes fun course apps and websites with videos, slideshows, online games and exercises and printable activity sheets. 

We believe you will find our courses to be an enriching experience on a personal, cultural and professional level - and most importantly lots of fun! 

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