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Explore the Hawaiian values of aloha and mahalo and how to apply them in your life.  


(Nā Waiwai - Hawaiian Values Series)


Prepare a variety of delicious, healthy dishes using kalo, our primary Hawaiian staple.

hoʻomākaukau ʻai 

(Hoʻomākaukau ʻAi - Hawaiian Food Preparation Series)

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Moʻolelo Kahiko

Learn the moʻolelo of Papa and Wākea and our relation and kuleana to this moʻokūʻauhau.

(Moʻolelo Kahiko - Ancient Stories Series)

6 weeks
per course

4 hours a week
of learning

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Register NOW for our Three New EA E-Learning Series opening up in January 2023.

Each Series consists of 5 culture-based, bi-lingual Courses providing highly interactive games and fun learning activities, which increase proficiencies in Hawaiian language, culture and traditions and foster personal, cultural, and professional growth in an atmosphere of aloha.  

All courses may be taken separately or as part of the series. 


Nā Waiwai - Hawaiian Values

Opens January 16, 2023

Explore 10 traditional Hawaiian values that help you live a happy, healthy, and meaningful life. Each of our five courses features two foundational Hawaiian values, just as important today as they were in the past to help you determine your priorities and perpetuate the ways of our kūpuna.

Hoʻomākaukau ʻAi -
Hawaiian Food Preparation

Opens January 23, 2023

Learn how to prepare traditional and modern dishes using traditional Hawaiian staples. Each of the five courses focuses on one Hawaiian ingredient and demonstrates how to prepare four delicious, healthy recipes using that ingredient in the comfort of your home.

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Moʻolelo Kahiko
Ancient Stories

Opens January 30, 2023

Learn foundational Hawaiian stories of our wā kahiko.  Each of the five courses focus on two Hawaiian akua, their moʻokūʻauhau, their kinolau, their adventures and more.  Grow your knowledge of ancient Hawaiian stories while strengthening your Hawaiian language skills. No previous Hawaiian language required.