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Custom-Made Professional Development

Ready to offer your leadership and staff custom-made, culture-based, flexible, online Professional Development that increases their Hawaiian language and culture proficiencies and skills and enables them to:

  • perpetuate Hawaiʻiʻs native language and traditions

  • effectively serve Hawaiians of all ages

  • honor the qualities and values of Hawaiʻiʻs native culture

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EA E-Learning specializes in custom-build Professional Development for your leadership and staff that is highly interactive and fun and accessible anytime, from anywhere with WIFI.  Designed by award-winning educator Dr. Kū Kahakalau and her team, EA E-Learning PDs increase Hawaiian language and cultural competencies and prepare staff to successfully serve native Hawaiians. 

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Culture-Based Professional Development that is:

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Here Are Some Of Our Clients:

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agreed that this PD provided them with tools they can use in their work.


recommend this PD to other Hawaiian-serving organizations.


want to engage in more EA E-Learning PD courses.

What Participants Had To Say About EA E-Learning PDs:

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