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Aloha mai. 

In this lesson we will learn our Moʻokūauhau, or family genealogy.  Knowing our genealogy is important, since we are products of our kūpuna. By knowing who they are and where they come from, we create connections with our ʻohana.

In this lesson we will also explore how to get ready, either for leaving the house in the morning, or for going to bed. These getting-ready activities usually take place in the lumi ʻauʻau, or bathroom and include washing your body, brushing teeth and hair, and using the lua.

Please donʻt forget to memorize your vocabulary because once you know the Hawaiian words for things you find in a lumi ʻauʻau, it will be really easy to make sentences in Hawaiian.


(English to Hawaiian)


(Hawaiian to English)

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