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Aloha mai. 

During the first two-week lesson of this course, we want to revisit our Hawaiian protocol, Aloha E, E Hō Mai, and Mahalo E. Along with practicing our Hoʻolauna sharing the places that have shaped you into who you are today.  Our  Hoʻolauna should also be memorized and will be part of your hōʻike at the end of the course.

In the second week, we will review vocabulary and sentence patterns from our previous course Hoʻomākaukau ʻAi and Hoʻomomoa Hale. The vocabulary and sentence patterns will reflect our theme for this course Mālama Pā Hale, Outdoor Kuleana. 

Donʻt forget to continuously memorize your vocabulary because once you know Hawaiian words it will be really easy to make sentences in Hawaiian.

Quizlet Hoʻolauna

(Hawaiian to English)

Quizlet Hoʻolauna

(English to Hawaiian)

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