Culturally based higher education and career exploration and training for Native Hawaiian youth and young adults
who want to reach their highest potential.


about us

EA Ecoversity is a Hawaiian culture-based higher education and career training program that provides blended online & offline learning in an atmosphere of aloha.
Designed for Native Hawaiians ages 15-30, EA Ecoversityʻs TUITION-FREE, personalized  program, offers opportunities to earn diverse micro-credentials, engage in paid internships and hands-on exploration and research in the environment.


FOUR PRIMARY areas of study













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Validation of Learning

  • Micro-Credentials validating successful completion of courses

  • Digital Badges attesting to Kumupaʻa, Mahi, Ola Pono & Aloha ʻĀina Proficiencies

  • EA Ecoversity Diploma after completion of all 4 Badges and Hōʻike


What our learners say:

"EA Ecoversity has given me access to a wider range of people and networking opportunities. I have learned so much already about Hawaiian protocols and customs. Recently, I got into contact with someone teaching programming through creating video games. This connection will prove to be pivotal in my progression as an entrepreneur."

- Mālama Mckeague

"I come from a small town with little opportunities and when I heard about this program, I thought it would be a perfect chance to gain experience I never had but wanted."

- Tuupua Helekahi

"I have enjoyed the opportunity to participate with other learners on the ʻŌlelo Noʻeau Team.  I also developed a more concise vision of marketing techniques with a deeper understanding for my majority customer demographic through the Kanaka Enterpreneurship class."


- Vei Kuliha'apai




Your donation will allow us to continue to provide TUITION-FREE higher education to Native Hawaiians!

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Krisha Zane is EA Ecoversityʻs Administrator, responsible for day to day operations, and working directly with our learners to help them navigate our program. As a cultural practitioner of hula, Krisha is an avid hula dancer, and an ʻūniki ʻailolo graduate of Unukupukupu. Krisha has studied business finance and Hawaiian studies at UH Hilo and applied her skills working in accounting, data analysis, and non-profit management. She is also passionate about food sustainability, soil regeneration through biochar, and the perpetuation of the Hawaiian culture.

Krisha Zane

Frequently asked questions

What is EA Ecoversity?

EA Ecoversity is a higher education and career training program to empower Native Hawaiian youth and young adults to solve 21st century challenges and reach their highest potential. We provide online & offline learning in an atmosphere of aloha through hands-on experiences, paid internships and personalized learning and career exploration.

What is the meaning of EA?

EA stands for Education with Aloha, an ancient yet modern way of teaching developed by our founder Dr. Kū Kahakalau over the past 30 years. Ea also means sovereignty in Hawaiian because EA Ecoversity is designed to empower Native Hawaiians to thrive in their homeland.

What is an Ecoversity?

Ecoversities are innovative post-secondary programs located in over 40 countries, radically re-imagining higher education to cultivate human and ecological flourishing in an effort to transform the unsustainable and unjust economic, political and social systems/mindsets that dominate the planet. For more info visit www.ecoversities.org.

Who can attend EA Ecoversity?

EA Ecoversity is designed for Native Hawaiian youth and young adults ages 15-30, who want to learn more about their native language and culture, aloha ʻāina and food sovereignty, how to prepare for careers of their choice and how to live a healthy, happy life.

How long is the EA Ecoversity program?

Although originally designed as a 2-year post-secondary program, EA Ecoversity is extremely flexible, allowing learners to plan their own course of study, building on achievements to date, and moving at their own pace.

How can I apply?

To apply please fill out our application posted on our webpage or contact krisha@kuakanaka.com.

How much does EA Ecoversity cost?

EA Ecoversity learners will receive Certificates for each course that they successfully complete, Digital Badges for completing the requirements of each of our four areas of learning, as well as a Diploma after completing all aspects of their personal learning plan. In addition, all EA Ecoversity graduates will have an updated E-Portfolio to be shared with potential employers and institutions of higher learning as appropriate.

What are Digital Badges?

A Digital Badge is an indicator of accomplishment or skill that can be displayed, accessed, and verified online, i.e. in your E-portfolio. EA Ecoversity offers four (4) badges in the following categories: Kumupaʻa: Foundations in Hawaiian Language and Culture; Mahi: Career Exploration and Training; Aloha ʻĀina: Hawaiian Land Stewardship and Food Sovereignty Practice; Ola Pono: 21st Century Health, Resilience and Lifeskills.

How will I learn?

EA Ecoversity provides blended online and offline learning in an atmosphere of aloha. In addition, learners will be referred to paid career internships and land stewardship opportunities on the island of their choice.