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KŪ-A-KANAKA is owned and operated by the Kahakalau ‘Ohana, known throughout Hawai’i – and beyond - for our commitment to the revitalization of Hawaiian language, culture and traditions and the re-establishment of Hawaiian control over Hawaiian affairs.  We believe in education for Hawaiians, by Hawaiians, using Hawaiian ways of teaching, learning and assessment.  Let us help you, your ‘ohana, your school, group, or organization to kū a kanaka.   


Makuahine: Executive Director

Aunty Kū Kahakalau is the founder and ED of KŪ-A-KANAKA.  An award-winning educator, researcher, songwriter and Hawaiian language and culture expert, Aunty Kū has been involved in Indigenous, particularly Hawaiian, Education and Research for over 30 years and is ready to provide a wide range of small and large-scale cultural and professional development, consulting and research services to you and your organization.


Makuakāne: Cultural Consultant

Uncle Nālei is a cultural consultant at Kū-A-Kanaka.  Uncle Nālei’s expertise include taro cultivation, male roles and responsibilities and native Hawaiian plants, as well as pretty much everything else Hawaiian.  With over 25 years of providing culturally-driven education to learners of all ages, particularly in the environment, Uncle Nālei is ready to work with interested individuals, educational institutions and Hawaiian organizations to help them reach their highest level.



Hiapo: Senior Director

ʻIʻini is both a partner, as well as the Senior Director at Kū-A-Kanaka.  ʻIʻini specializes in consulting and implementing Social Media and PR campaigns, as well as developing culturally-grounded websites for businesses, non-profits and education enterprises. ʻIʻini also spearheads Cards for 808, our fun, local card game bringing laughter to thousands.  With a talent for combining Hawaiian culture with technology, let ʻIʻini shape your company’s future.



Kaikaina: Cultural Consultant

Pōlani is a cultural consultant at Kū-A-Kanaka.  Pōlani’s expertise include hula and chant, as well as a variety of arts associated with hula, like lei and hula implement making.  She is also an accomplished performing arts teacher who can assist you, your school, or organization with planning and implementing hula drama and other culturally-driven performances.

We are a solid team of culturally-grounded experts, with decades of experience, and lots of aloha,

who want to help you reconnect to your Hawaiian traditions!

So Please Get in Touch!

About Ku-A-Kanaka

KŪ-A-KANAKA, which means: stand as a Hawaiian, live as a Hawaiian, be Hawaiian, is a native Hawaiian, family-owned and operated social enterprise promoting and advancing Hawaiian language, culture, and traditions.  Our goal is to assist building a thriving lāhui, where educated kanaka grounded in Hawaiian values work together to contribute to their communities, locally and globally.


KŪ-A-KANAKA advocates a Hawaiian way of life, grounded in the values of our Hawaiian ancestors.  It is a way of feeling, thinking, speaking and acting guided by our aloha for akua, ʻāina, and kanaka.  We believe that as modern Hawaiians it is our kuleana to perpetuate the unique ways of our kūpuna, by speaking our language, practicing our traditions, cultivating our food and protecting sacred places.


KŪ-A-KANAKAʻs programs and services are culturally-driven and family-oriented and provide invaluable assistance to kanaka around the world interested in revitalizing Hawaiian language, culture, and traditions.  Our affordable products and services are designed to assist individuals, organizations, and systems to build on existing traditional knowledge and maximize their own potential as they reconnect to Hawai’i’s native heritage.


We believe that by all of us pooling our strengths, called kūkulu kumuhana in Hawaiian, we shall accomplish our goal of a thriving, independent Hawaiian nation, where all who want to perpetuate the traditions and practices of our kūpuna are welcome and valued.


Motto: When Natives Thrive Everyone Benefits!



Ka Pūʻulu

Nāʻaiakalani Colburn


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Leilani Demello


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Aulani Herrod

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Auliʻi Ludington

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Makana Oliveros

Kapapa Loʻi o Kealiʻikuaʻāiina

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Krisha Zane

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Kauʻionālani Navas-Colburn

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